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I help singers & speakers develop powerful, authentic voices
  • Are you frustrated with how your voice feels or sounds after singing or speaking?
  • Would you like to be less fearful...
    • On stage?
    • Addressing a room full of people?
    • Speaking in the boardroom?
  • Are you a public speaker, lawyer, teacher, doctor or actor who feels you could optimize how you're using your speaking voice?
    • Would you like to know how sound placement works to encourage better pitch control?
    • Do you want better breath support for longer notes?
    • Do you want to learn to read music?
  • Would you like to clear up the mystery & confusion surrounding how your vocal sound is generated?
    • HINT: If you were told to push out the stomach or sing from the diaphragm, you have a right to be confused...(I can help!)
  • Or, are you an advanced singer who is ready to take your voice to the next level?
    • Developing musicality
    • Utilizing emotional content for song delivery
    • Adding authentic movement to help drive the energy of your performance
You can learn how to sing & speak with more ease, volume, pitch control and breath support for a healthier voice using exercises that promote a more comfortable way to develop good posture.
Experience multifaceted exercises that help you discover the difference in your vocal sound immediately.  You will also be given daily exercises designed to support the new vocal habits that can easily be added into your daily routine.

Have Fun! Be Authentic!

Our voice is the most personal expression we can share, and studying voice may feel like a daunting task, but never fear!  We'll work hard towards achieving your goals, while making the sessions fun & relaxing.  You'll receive tools focused on improving your voice, rather than focusing on what is being done "incorrectly".

Have Confidence! Be Calmly Energized!

Life skills, anyone? All classes include techniques to help cultivate a calmly energized physical demeanor to help you enjoy singing, speaking publicly, auditioning, dancing, acting & performing.

Improve Your Auditions, Performances & Speeches!

Safely explore your vocal sound to deliver outstanding auditions and performances

  • Increase your range

  • Broaden vocal tone

  • Explore dynamics

  • Cultivate calm energy

Hello Vocal Athletes & Vocal Explorers!

Vocal Explorers are fearless! When it comes to your voice, your body is your instrument so let's keep it fit!  You'll be taught exercises derived from Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi & dance movements combined specifically with bel canto vocal training to help you reach your vocal goals sooner.

What I Bring

  • 20 years voice teaching experience

  • 12 years experience living & working in Los Angeles

  • A lifetime of performing experience plus 12 years private vocal studies

  • Cross-training: dance, choreography, yoga, Tai Chi, commercial & improvisational acting

  • A crazy (like a fox!) sense of humor

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Be Authentic
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