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Streaming links to vocalists who have explored their voices with me
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What's a long-term breakthrough?

Nailing a song you couldn't sing before w/o straining!

Feb 2016

Keep your eye on Sneha!

Here's another video from her YouTube channel.

Dec. 2016

This is Sneha, one of my first online students who started with me back in July 2013.  She is a testament to long-term training and talent development.  She had good pitch and a nice voice, but had a bit of a raspy sound and often would strain to reach D5 & E5.  She also had trouble producing tone with volume below middle C, run out of breath and complained her throat would hurt after too much singing and she suffered frequently from laryngitis.  After working with me for a couple of months she was able to sing down to a G3, but she didn't stop there. She STUCK with it!  Fast forward to early 2016 and she is now able to vocalize up to A5 with ease, finds her pitches cleanly and has learned vocal health tips that helped her change her vocal habits to reduce strain.  Our sessions also include: lighting & framing for video shots, movement for singing and other professional tools to help her look and sound her best.
One of Sneha's biggest challenges used to be keeping the face relaxed during the high notes.  Well, not anymore!  Check out Sneha's amazing calm, easy confident demeanor in her very first recorded audition video for America's Got Talent!
Congratulations, Sneha!
Email from a student, Marla S.
"Hi Arlys! I finally got the nerve to get up on stage. Still have trouble remembering lyrics, but hardly anyone noticed. Lots of comments about people wanting to do camps with me. I still keep your lessons in mind when I'm performing.
Here are a few videos from my performance."
Arlys' note: Marla is the woman on the left in the pink dress.  She had to tell me that three times. I DID NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE HER, because when she came to me she was singing backups.  Looks like you got up and dominated that stage! Way to go, Marla!
Rock Camp For Dads
Email from Sharrilyn E [Feb 2016]
Sharrilyn was one of my first students when I relocated from to Minneapolis from Los Angeles in mid-2012
"I was just thinking about you this morning as I was singing on my way to work. I have improved so much in the last two years, even without lessons, because I have been playing with my voice. In playing, I've been trying new things, and in trying new things I stumble on what you had been trying to teach me, and it suddenly sinks in (THAT'S what Arlys was talking about). Then I can put it into practice. Maybe you can think of a way to use "play" in your teaching to get the nervous nellies and over-achievers (like me) stop trying so hard and being self-conscious to make progress. So, again, thank you for your excellent teaching. I'm having a blast with my voice."
Jeremy's goal was to feel more confident about the pitch to help him sing out and share his voiceIn just a little over two months, he picked up tools to help him explore his vocal sound more safely.  Even at Jeremy's first lesson, I could hear the potential in his voice and mentioned a song that was out out-of-range that first day, but by the 10th lesson was a song that became a possibility.
Jeremy writes original music, and send me this lovely video to share.  It displays his quiet confidence, authentic movement and heartfelt delivery.  I hope you enjoy it!
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