My mission is to help you free your voice and release one of your most powerful tools in life.

Confidence is reflected in every part of our physical, emotional & spiritual well-being.
It is a personal compilation of tools developed to support & sustain body, mind & spirit.
Meditating Buddha
I believe confidence is a practice rooted in determination, fueled by a positive attitude and tempered by a quiet mind.
My students & vocal explorers have:
American Idol Audition
  • Obtained acceptance at the U of M Music School
  • Conquered stage fright enabling them to sing in front of audiences
  • Repaired raspy singing voice issues
  • Expanded their range/pitch control beyond what they thought was possible
  • Changed their vocal resonance to the extent that it positively influenced their feelings about their own voice
  • Won auditions for their 1st solo singing role
  • Quieted their nerves and became excited to attend upcoming auditions
  • Auditioned for The Voice and American Idol, The Disney Channel, Mpls Children's Theater, Guthrie Theater and more
  • Felt more confident on-stage during auditions, and local and national performances